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We use linear and non-linear editing solutions from big name companies, such as Adobe and Media 100, to assemble our videos. Our crews have access to some of the industry’s best pro-sumer equipment. Cameras are made by Canon and Panasonic, and our editing stations have dual 19" monitors and utilize Matrox RTx-100 XTreme processing engines. We have all equipment onsite needed to complete the entire video-production process, from filming, to editing, to mass-duplication.





Sound is a very important part of every production.  Our crews are responsible for ensuring that all performers are heard at all times.  They also provide any sound effects or track music needed to enhance onstage productions.  Our studios are equipped with a complete 24 track digital recording system, allowing us to mix down complex band and musical soundtracks.



In addition to our conventional DMX lighting control system, we are experimenting with intelligent lighting. We use Martin and Victory 250 fixtures. We also use lighting by High End Systems.